Dub I Crazy: A short history of dub and a little list of my favorite songs
Hope Youre Feeling Fine..This is Reggae '69!: Article about the early reggae of 68-72.
Northern Soul: A brief article about the history of Northern Soul and what it's about.
With A Flick Of My Musical Wrist: My tribute to the art of people like U Roy, Big Youth, King Stitt, Yellowman and all the other great deejays.
Reggae in the UK: History of some of the top producers and performers of reggae in the UK from 1967-1972.
Dub Invades The Ska Scene: A look at dubs influence on the new generation of ska bands.
The Black Ark: A look at Lee "Scratch" Perry's influential Black Ark studio
Studio One: A detailed history of the foundation studio and label that gave birth to so many classic recordings.
The Mighty Two: The production team of Joe Gibbs and Errol Thompson who did such fine songs as "Two Sevens Clash" and "Three Piece Suit and T'ing"

Ive Got to Go Back Home:


This section shows some articles I have written. Pretty much all of the articles have to do with Jamaican music or Jamaican influenced music, since that is the theme of the entire page, but there might be more coming soon of a different topic, who knows? So stay tuned because there's more coming up.