Dave and Ansel Collins - Double Barrel: Original Yard Classics (RAS Records)

This album is twelve tracks of great songs all by keyboard maestro Ansel Collins with deejaying by former Techniques vocalis Dave Barker. It also includes top session musicans like Jackie Jackson, Robbie Shakespear, Boris Gardener, Lloyd Brevitt, Sly Dunbar, Tommy McCook, Cedric Brooks, Bobby Ellis, Gladdy Gladstone and others and was produced by other former Technique Winston Riley.

the record starts off with the title track which is obviously a classic as is "Monkey Spanner". Although these songs are great, they are readily available and much has been said about them so I will move on. My personal favorite tracks on here are "Secret Weapon" with nice horns and really great organ playing which was also used as a vocal cut for "Born to Love You" by the Sensations. "Ten To One" is another with great organ.

Dave Barker only deejays on a few other track besides "Double Barrel" and "Monkey Spanner", one being the terribly annoying "El Fegobecca" and the real good "I The Third" which shows Dave talking over Ansels great organ playing over Andy Capps "Pop A Top" rhythm. "Impossible Mission" is another top notch track, and the "Double Barrel" rhythm also returns on "Glory Of Love" with different organ lines and minus Dave Barker.

In my opinion though, the best track on the album is "My Best Girl" which shows Dave Barkers singing style and why he was a better singer than deejay. The vocals are extremly nice with a great organ intro by Ansel. I wish there was more like it on this record. Dave also sings on "That Girl" which is another good song but not as good as "My Best Girl" although the rhythm is really good and soulful with nice horns and a good organ solo.

This album is quite good for anyone into organ driven instrumental reggae. This ranks right alongside "Return Of Django" album by the Upsetters and "Liquidator" by Harry J All-Stars.

  1. Double Barrel
  2. El Fegobacca
  3. Wild Bunch
  4. Secret Weapon
  5. My Best Girl
  6. Ten To One
  7. Monkey Spanner
  8. I The Third
  9. Impossible Mission
  10. Glory of Love
  11. That Girl
  12. Memories of Love

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