Take I Back Home Dub...:
King Tubby is a Ruler Fi Dub: Heres a tribute to the originator


Dub music really originated from the Jamaican practice of Version, which is reusing a rhythm track over and over again. For example, a producer might cut a song with a vocalist and a band and the whole thing. Then when that song becomes a hit, he will remove the vocals and make the rhythm into a instrumental. And when thats a hit he might bring in a deejay to toast over the rhythm. Versioning was very popular as it saved producers money and they were able to cut many songs on a session they only had to pay musicians for once.

Version really took off with the deejay explosion of the late 60's with U-Roy and Dennis Alcapone toasting over many of the most well known rhythms from Studio One and especially Treasure Isle. But it wasnt until King Tubby in his small 4-track studio started messing around with versions that dub proper really took over. What Tubby did was fade different tracks in and out and use special effects such as reverb and echo and delay. He would remove the lyrics completly or only add them in on someparts to punctuate certian parts of the rhythm track. One of his techniques was to let the rhythm play with a little bit of dub techniques going on and then once the song really started to take off, he would make the drums crash and it would be like armageddon on in the dancehalls.

Tubby's is also know as being the man who taught the ropes to two younger and just as influential engineers, Prince Jammy and also Scientist. Other crucial dub mixers were Prince Phillip (another deciple of Tubby's), Sly and Robbie, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Sylvan Morris (mostly for early studio one dubs, before moving on to Harry Johnson, Big Youth and Bunny Wailers labels), and also Mad Professor of Ariwa records in the UK. Of course there are far too many more to list here but Dub became the leading sounds at the local sound systems until the dancehall craze begun around 1979.

Dub is known as the forerunner of Bass and Drum, Techno, hip hop, and pretty much any other remix based music. Below is a list of some of my personal favorites in no particular order:

  • "Dub Gone Crazy" - King Tubby and Friends
  • "King Tubby's Meets Rockers Uptown" - Augustus Pablo
  • "Scientist Rids The World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires" - Scientist
  • "Essential Dub" - King Tubby
  • "Jah Shaka Meets Mad Professor at Ariwa Sound" - Mad Professor and Jah Shaka
  • "Dub In A Roots Tradition" - Scientist
  • "Black Foundation In Dub" - Jack Ruby, King Tubby, Errol Thompson
  • "Tappa Zukie In Dub" - Tappa Zukie
  • "Heavyweight Dub Champion" - Scientist
  • "King Tubbys Prophecy of Dub" - Yabby You