Scientist - "Dub In A Roots Tradition" (Blood and Fire)

15 tracks of pure Dub enjoyment. Scientist mixes the hell out of producer Errol "Don" Mais' rhythms which originally appeared on his Roots Tradition label. Heavy rhythms, mixed with Scientists deft touch at King Tubby's studio as well as Blood and Fire's always spectacular packaging makes this an essential album.

Scientist really works some magic on these old tried and tested rhythms. The bass is really more up front than most dub (though bass is up front on all dub) and this is really a nice album that shows Scientists mixing ability at only 16 or 17 years old!

Some of my favorite tracks on here is the first tune, "King Tubbys Answer" which is on a recut version of the "Answer" rhythm. The song begins with a nice explosion into a pure bass and drum rhythm featuring a little big, bringing the guitar and organ sometimes and only in a sea of echo. Another favorite is "When I Love Dub" which starts a a regular version of the recut "When I Fall In Love" rhythm with its nice organ, thundering drums. "Sunshine Version" is another with the bass playing the "Aint No Sunshine" rhythm and a melodica hauntingly replacing the absent vocals. Other rhythms used on this album are "Bobby Babylon" ("Dub Bible"), "M16" ("Dub16"), "Pick Up The Pieces" ("Pick Up The Dub"). "No Man Is A Island" ("No Dub Island") and so many more, all given a armageddon dub treatment on Tubby's mixing console by a teenage Scientist.

The CD insert is just as interesting as it features many photos of producer Don Mais, Scientist and the Greenwich Farm area of West Kingston where Mais and the Roots Tradition label (as well as the Freedom Sounds label of producer Bertram Brown) were located. The liner notes, written, obviously, by Steve Barrow include a very interesting interview with Scientist and Mais as well as tell what Scientist has been up to since this album was first recorded.

So for anyone interest in Scienists pre-Roots Radics, Channel One, and Greensleeves albums he was known for in the 80s, I suggest getting this album. One of my personal favorite dub releases of all time.

  1. King Tubbys Answer
  2. Dub Bible
  3. Dub 16
  4. Pick Up The Dub
  5. Don't Rush The Dub
  6. No Dub Island
  7. Love You Dub
  8. When I Love Dub
  9. See A Dub Face
  10. One Man Dub
  11. Sunshine Version
  12. Dub Livity
  13. Babylon Fight Dub
  14. African Daughter Dub
  15. Home Version

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