The Paragons - On the Beach With... (Treasure Isle)

This is a classic Paragons album with some top notch rock-steady harmonizing and instrumentation. It was recorded in Duke Reids Treasure Isle studio in 1966 and was one of the reasons why Duke Reid soared to the top of the competition during Jamaica's rock-steady years (along with his productions of other top vocalists like The Techniques, Alton Ellis, Phyllis Dillon and others.)

One of the main reasons for The Paragons becoming one of the biggest groups in rock-steady was mainly because of the combination of the voice of and songwriting skills of their lead singer John Holt. He was one of the greatest songwriters of the time as evidenced on this album with melodic songs like "Happy Go Lucky Girl" and "On The Beach".

One of the best songs on the album in my opinion is "Only A Smile" which seems to have so much heart behind the harmonies and the music is played impecibly by Tommy McCooks post-Skatalites band, The Supersonics.

This album is also notible for providing the rhythms for some of pioneering DJ U-Roy's earliest hits like "Wear You To The Ball" and also for including "Tide is High" which ws later made into an international smash in 1980 by the group Blondie.

All in all I would definitly recomend this record to anyone. Buy this one as well as the "My Best Girl Wears My Crown" greatest hits collection on Trojan because that one has some songs on it that this one dosent have and vice versa and then you will have a pretty goos sized Paragons collection and most of the better known (and better in general) songs.

  1. On The Beach
  2. Island In The Sun
  3. When the Lights Are Low
  4. The Tide Is High
  5. So Much Pain
  6. Only A Smile
  7. I Want to Go Back
  8. Happy-Go-Lucky-Girl
  9. Yellow Bird
  10. Wear You to the Ball
  11. Mercy Mercy
  12. Riding High on a Windy Day
  13. My Best Girl
  14. Silver Bird

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