SIZZLA - Rastafari Teach I Everything

"Rastafari Teach I Everything" is the newest release by the deejay Sizzla. His third this year, this is the most rootical, with nearly all the songs dealing with Rasta as the title implies. It is a very good album filled with great rhythms and concious lyrics like Sizzla definitely knows how to give. Plus the crisp production by Philip "Fatis" Burell at Xterminator lends to the album a nice over all sound and feel.

The first track is the title track. In it, Sizzla chats about the greatness of Rastafari and and its teachings of black pride and being healthy and staying strong in Babylon. "The message of Rastafari open every door". Probobly my favorite track on the album. Plus the rhythm is excellent with real instruments instead of complete digitalness. Drums by Sly Dunbar and a nice trombone by a man named Graham.

Contiunuing the cultural theme is the tune "Beautiful" with a nice soft rhythm with drumming again by Sly and a real nice acoustic guitar. In this tune Sizzla names off the things that are beautiful to him. Ethiopia, children praise Rastafari, clean black women. Its definitely another good song on this disc. "Yes I Get High" is Sizzla's "Legalise It" tune. His growling voice over a uptempo dancehall rhythm, saying "Marijuana ina mi brain and babylon cant touch I".

The cultural theme is carried on through all the songs really. "Give Her the Loving" is Sizzla's love song to all the worlds black women. Backed with another good rhythm. He even attempts to sing straight at some parts. The last tune on the album "Make Love" is like "Give Her The Loving" except better. Another slow dancehall rhythm but this time Sizzla is met with female backing vocalists in the style of the I-Threes.

Other great songs on the album are "Revenge" about Sizzlas revenge for what Babylon has done to the Ethiopians. "Escape From Prison" and "Stay Clean" are other favorites.

This is a great album all in all for any fan of reggae and dancehall in particular. Sizzlas cultural lyrics maxed with Fatis Burrells Xterminator rhythms is a winning combination. This one is recommended.

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