Capleton - Still Blazin' (VP Records)

Among the vast amount of Jamaican music released weekly, one doesn't have to even look for a tune if he wants to hear songs about bashing gay people, promoting gun culture, recycled to death rhythms, etc because there are so many of them its often hard to even avoid. That's precisely what makes Capletons newest offering such a gem. Still Blazin' is filled with the roots and culture and consousness reggae is known for. But thats not to say the actual 'dancehall' is forgotten about on his new record.

The record opens with "Search Fi A Find," beginning with a small niyahbingi chant with Capletons distinctive gravel voice before exploding into a heavy reggae rhythm that can be held up to any rhythm offered by the top studio bands in the 70's (except for the synth horn lines). And that's standard the rest of the album holds up to.

One of my favorite tracks on the record would have to be "Behold," a spiritual rocker with guests Morgan Heritage harmonizing over a hard rhythm supplied by veterans Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace on drums and Errol "Chinna" Smith on guitar. Morgan Heritage sing about Rasta being the kings of the Earth before Capletons angry voice screams "blaze up the fire!". Its definitely one of the best Dancehall tunes I have ever heard.

Other true stand out tracks include "Mashing Up The World", "Hail King Selassie" (with guest vocalist Luciano and a nice rhythm provided by Mafia and Fluxy), "Red Red Red," and the beautifully sublime bingi tune "I & I Chant" featuring Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespear. And I have to point out that probably one of the main reasons I enjoy this album as much as I do is because a good majority of the rhythms provided are played by a true band which is a true rarity in the Reggae world these days. But then there are many songs strictly for the dancehall as well.

One of the best tunes on the dancehall section of the record is "Woah 'New Way'" on the finely names Unstoppable rhythm. The only person I've heard ride this rhythm as good as Capleton is probably Elephant Man on his tune "Passa Passa." I also like "Punchline 2 Hit" and "Boom Sound" which I'm sure should be rocking all dancehalls in JA this year.

Theres really not any tunes on here that I dislike. I feel confident enough to say that this is the best dancehall record to be released so far this year and I'm sure will remain my favorite for the rest of the year as well. For fans of dancehall, roots reggae, hip-hop Still Blazin' is sure to please.

  1. Search Fi A Find
  2. Behold (feat. Morgan Heritage)
  3. Mashing Up The Earth
  4. I Will Survive
  5. Woah "New Way"
  6. Punchline 2 Hit
  7. Caan Tan Yah
  8. Hail King Selassie (feat. Luciano)
  9. Cooyah Cooyah
  10. Pure Woman
  11. Boom Sound
  12. How It Ago
  13. Guerilla Warfare
  14. Red Red Red
  15. In Your Eyes
  16. Mi Deh Yah
  17. Jah Is Gonna Work It Out (feat. Glen Washington)
  18. I & I Chant

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