Twilight Circus Dub Sound System - Volcanic Dub

Some of the best dub coming out these days is from a small studio called Twilight in the Netherlands. Run by Canadian born Producer/Musician/Engineer Ryan Moore, Twilight Circus Dub Sound System is doing things the old way but with the standards of today. The newest release, "Volcanic Dub" is proof.

Every sound you hear on "Volcanic Dub" is real. You'll hear no computers. Pure bass, drum, guitar and keyboards (everything played by Mr. Moore). The dub mixing is also done on a true mixing desk as opposed to computers. based on the mixing styles of King Tubby, Scientist, Prince Jammy, Errol Thompson and all the old greats, yet completely original in both style and presentation.

Of the songs, my favorites are "Lightning Strike" which starts with some nice keyboard effects leading into a soft bassline, plenty of echo and then a Lightning Strike of drums. "Rolling Thunder" is another favorite with its great used of reverb and feebback. and the bassline is mesmerising. The steppers drum and bass rhythm used for "Floorshaker" as well as the the great keyboard melodies. The rolling, pounding drums of "Seismic" really earn that tune its name. Probobly my favorite track of them all though is the final track "Fams" with its soaring echos, edging closer and closer to the listener, matched with its steady melodic rhythm and some nice beeping sound effects that give it a real outer-space feel.

Along with all the other albums by Ryan Moore's TCDSS, "Volcanic is a winner from start to finish. This is dub that should set standards for any up and comers and possible competitors. Highly recommended to fans of dub, reggae, or any music at all. This one comes highly recommended.

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